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There is no other medical field quite like dermatology. It covers the single largest organ on or in the human body—the epidermis. It is a fragile organ exposed to all of weather and life’s elements. This means that the epidermis requires special medical attention if you want it to maintain any sort of consistently appealing look. In the case of Dr. Terri Dunn, she is a dermatological specialist who works to help patients feel more confident about the look of their skin by keeping it more unblemished and beautiful. Dr. Terri Dunn is a respected expert in the field of dermatology, having published writings in textbooks and scholarly journals concerning dermatological studies.

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Dermatology is not a field that can be ignored. Your skin is not only the largest organ in your body, it is easily the most visible. Dr. Terri Dunn understands that dermatological problems can be very scary and that patients want them handled as soon as is humanly possible.

Dr. Terri Dunn was both born and raised in California. She went to school at UCLA (the University of California at Los Angeles) and did her internship at one of the most widely respected hospitals in the United States, Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles. Dr. Dunn has seen it all when it comes to dermatology, she has the experience that is needed in order to help her patients.

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Dr Terri Dunn

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Dr. Terri Dunn, MD, is a highly respected Dermatologist in California. She was born and raised there and received the majority of her medical training and education in that state. UCLA, the University of California at Los Angeles, is where Dr. Terri Dunn got her degree of medicine. Her internship in internal medicine was performed at one of the world’s most famous hospitals, Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, which is well-known for treating celebrities, Hollywood personalities, and famous athletes. She also performed a residency with John Hopkins University in the field of Dermatology. Lastly, Dr. Dunn received special training in Nairobi, Kenya. Dr. Dunn’s education in the field of Dermatology specifically and in medicine generally, has been extensive.

Dr. Terri Dunn does work with children, adults, various skin types and colors, females, males—virtually anyone. Amongst the many specialties of Dr. Terri Dunn include skin cancer, nail disorders, rashes, skin discoloration, acne, and hair loss. Dr. Terri Dunn also works on cosmetic dermatological procedures, like chemical peels, brown spot removal, individualized skin care systems, Botox treatments, brown spot removal, facial redness, facial wrinkle fillers, and laser treatments. Dunn has also published a number of academic journal articles and textbook information in the field of Dermatology. She is a well respected voice in the community, occasionally addressing professional conferences.

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